Rock Gardens: A top tourist attraction in Ghana’s Upper East Region

Rock Gardens: A top tourist attraction in Ghana’s Upper East Region

It is not just business. For Dr. Asaah Sumaila Mohammed, a lecturer at the CK Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences, his passion as a conservation consultant is not just about working to protect and preserve natural habitats and species to earn a living.

To him, providing advice and expertise to businesses, governments, non-profit organizations, and individuals on conservation issues is great but what is more fulfilling is to see people happy.

The environment advocate says this passion of always wanting to see people happy is what birthed the idea of Rock Gardens in the Upper Regional capital, Bolgatanga.

The park is arguably the best pick for tourism in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

The park boasts a wide range of attractions, including swimming pools for both children and adults, a zoo featuring crocodiles, monkeys, baboons, different kinds of birds and civet cats among others.

A canopy walkway, a guest house, a playground for children and adults, conference facilities, local and continental kitchens, and a zipline.

Aside the park, work has begun on what would be known as the Savannah Eco Village Resort. This resort will feature traditional houses from various parts of Ghana and around the world, including a treehouse and a wood house. This new development is set to further bolster tourism in the area and offer visitors a unique cultural experience.

Watch video of the park below



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