Sarpsolutions changing face of Africa’s migration services industry – CEO

Sarpsolutions changing face of Africa’s migration services industry – CEO

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of leading migration services provider, Sarpsolutions, Mrs. Priscilla Santuo Ocrah says Sarpsolutions is working hard to change the face of the industry.

“We are on the path of transforming the international travel services industry in Ghana and Africa as a whole with customer-centric service delivery.”

According to the leading industry thought leader, the industry was originally inundated by men and women who operated informally. Many of these people popularly referred to as connections men or women and others usually took advantage of desperate travel opportunities seekers hence giving the industry a bad image.”

“Sadly, many travel and tour companies that mushroomed all over the place could not change that perception connection men created,” she observed.

She said, “today, the industry is wider where migration services including international job recruitments, international education, etc, has grown to a level industry players cannot continue to ignore professionalism and high ethical standards. This is why we are more committed to changing the face of the industry in Ghana and Africa.”

“We have grown fast to build international job recruitment partnerships with various recruitment companies in Europe, and now we have signed one with a big recruitment company in Canada to recruit for them hundreds of artisans and technical people and nurse aides from Africa,” she announced saying, “this is but just the beginning of our efforts to transform the industry.”

Sarpsolutions, established in 2019 has grown to become a leading migration and international recruitment solutions provider in Africa. The company has already served hundreds of Africans who desire to study or work abroad.

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