Shut down all foreign malls in Ghana – Paul Amaning tells Government

A Communication Team Member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Paul Amaning has called pleaded with the government to shut down all foreign malls due to their failure to comply with the laws of the country.

Speaking with Kwaku Owusu Adjei on Adwenekasa on Accra-based Original FM,  he revealed that ” these malls do not accept local products as they import all products including pepper.”

“When these foreign malls bring in imported goods and they sell to consumers, government has a tax on every product purchased. These taxes are paid by the user, but they refuse to pay these monies to government. I am into palm oil production but it hurts that government spends 400million dollars to import palm oil from Malaysia when we have the capacity to produce these oils right here in Ghana”.

”99% of the items at china malls and other foreign malls are imported. No matter how well-packaged your products are, they will refuse it, just because they are locally made. I have gone to all the foreign malls to have my product on their shelf even at a fee, but they have refused, they will rather import from their countries”, he added.

However, he stated that the “government spends 13 billion on imported items. Tomatoes, pepper, and chewing stick are all imported. They don’t buy the items here for the money to stay in the country, so if government is requesting for higher tax due to high importation why must they have an issue? They charge high good prices but when it’s time to pay tax they refuse?”.

”Remember government does not print dollar so we need to export for foreign exchange or go for bonds to support the cedi. When these foreign companies come into the country to sell, they take the dollar back to their country. The benchmark value was reduced and they are enjoying but have refused to give what’s due government”, he stated.

He indicated that when one buys a foreign product he or she employs a foreigner, adding GUTA is collapsing Ghana’s economy.


Source: Richard Obeng Bediako

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