Where Is John Mahama’s Sincerity On The LGBTQ Matter?

Where Is John Mahama’s Sincerity On The LGBTQ Matter?

I know I shall be insulted by those who have been recruited to insult, but the insults do not bother me one bit.

It is precisely because they cannot shoot down the cogent points I espouse, that they resort to the banality of throwing invectives all over the place.

Of course, the recruits earn their keep via the insults so they must rather thank me for espousing the issues that creates the craving for them to insult and get paid.

Anyway; let me make my point vis-a-vis the Caption of my line of thought that is roaring to be birthed.

There is no hiding the fact that I have chosen, (in the almost 12 years since President John Evans Atta-Mills passed-on) to relentlessly continue to speak boldly in defense of the ethics/ethos that anchored his moralistic approach to managing the affairs of State of the Republic of Ghana.

I have stated time without number that, I would be one of the biggest fools (and I refuse to be even the minutest of fools) on earth if I allow myself to be a coward and cowed into cultic submission – allowing the legacy of President Atta-Mills to be trampled upon because critical aspects of my own political stories are intrinsically/delicately woven into the nurturing nest of the late President.

So, when ignorance engages the brain cells of those who say “but you are not a family member so why are you crying more than the bereaved”?, I laugh and pity the dark direction in which they have allowed their brains to sink.

In this national-character-defining issue of Ghana taking a position against allowing the LGBTQ issue to overpower/overshadow what the nation has always stood for, who can forget the no-nonsense position that the late President Atta-Mills took?

Indeed, in direct response to some unacceptable statements by the then British Prime Minister, David Cameron, in his attempt to re-colonize Ghana by foisting his desires on us, President Atta-Mills did not mince his words at all, when he told the British PM to keep his “aid” to himself if the aid was going to be tied to legalizing LGBTQ practice in Ghana.

Who can forgot how the whole nation (of course a few were not happy for their parochial reasons) hailed and applauded the frontal stance of our President?

While the President was busy lighting up a path of righteousness for the nation, his Vice President, for reasons that are not illuminating, decided to walk an unrighteous path of finding succor on the other side of the divide.

That is to say, the Vice President chose to stab his boss in the back by hobnobbing with known international gay activists.

He certainly has a right to choose his friends but as Vice President (and later President) of a God-fearing nation like Ghana, you have to apply tons of circumspection when choosing your friends.

At the peak of his open betrayal of what his boss stood for in the supreme interest of the nation, the Vice President chose a known international gay lobbyist to launch his book “My First Coup Detat”; very interesting title for the book isn’t it?

Of course, the Vice President had staged a “coup” to oust the anti-gay stance of his boss and he chose to do it on the international stage to put the knife of embarrassment through the heart of his boss.

I saw President Atta-Mills wreathe in pain endlessly when he was stabbed in the back by his Vice President over his anti-gay stance.

To the point; President Atta-Mills felt hurt and betrayed when his Vice President left the shores of Ghana to go and launch his book under those circumstances.

Certainly, it was not a case of being homophobic: it had all to do with us not allowing what is wrong to be glorified to the point of being worshipped.

Obviously, the “coup” was staged to make the Vice President look “open-minded” in the eyes of the world, when the President was glued to making the nation look good in the eyes of God Almighty.

A case of upstaging the boss? Well, I leave discerning minds to discern.

When Ghana’s National Anthem begins with “God bless our Homeland Ghana … “, and the National Pledge ends with “… so help me God”, there was no way President Atta-Mills was going to lead the nation into the hell-fire wrath of God. Never!!!

When President Atta-Mills inexplicably and painfully died on, Tuesday, July 24, 2012, and the Vice President became President, what was the new President’s commitment to following in the footsteps of his dead boss? Zilch!!!

If, while President Atta-Mills was alive, his Vice President had brazenly staged a “coup” over the LGBTQ issue, with power now entrenched in his hands, it was ipso facto that the master plan was to intensify the “coup” mentality – that is exactly what he did without let or hinderance.

Fast forward; the former Vice President (and later President), is still struggling to get back to the presidency for only a terminal four-year term and he seems to be swimming in his self-created nonexistent sea of “Ghanaians have short memories”, and so believes that we do not remember anything that happened in the period that he was Vice President and President of Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana.

To make matters worse and weigh heavily on the negative side of the moral spectrum, when the Vice President became President, he failed to continue with the, “National Day Of Prayer And Thanksgiving” instituted by his God-fearing predecessor.

Why did that happen? You will have to ask him for the answers because I honestly do not know what pushed him to push God away from the epicenter of the governance agenda.

In the end, the nation hemorrhaged badly – leading to the President (not the NDC) suffering an unprecedented loss of over 1 million votes in 2016.

Honestly, when I hear him now attempting to pontificate on the LGBTQ matter in particular, I continue to pray to the Good Lord to have mercy on all of us because we have all sinned and fallen short of His glory.

I really have no problem with John Mahama wanting to dig at President Akufo-Addo over the LGBTQ matter but are we not told that in matters of wisdom, “the monkey must first look at its own hands before attempting to feed on the hands of creatures of similar stock?”

Is it not also said that, “when you have petrol-doused cotton wool up your backside, you must not jump over fire”?

Scripturally, it is written: “Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye” (Mathew 7:5).

Nobody nor anything is about to push me out of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) of Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings; I remain a member of the NDC but with a conscience that shall not allow me to get lost in any labyrinth of a, “short memory”.

If they form a new NDC of which J.J. Rawlings is not the Founder, then they can feel free to sack me (truth is; I will not join in first place).

As for the NDC of JJ Rawlings which I am an integral part of, “I no go leave today; I no go leave tomorrow”.

Some of us shall remain in it and work ourselves as far as is humanly possible to bring back the lost glory and departed spirit of the once unstoppable political party.

My association to/with the NDC is borne out of my personal experiences as a boy growing up in Burma-Camp and witnessing at very close range, May 15, 1979, June 4, 1979, and December 31, 1981.

I was not recruited into the NDC (that is why I do not do the bidding of anyone); I lived through PNDC and grew into NDC and NOBODY shall be allowed to make me thrash my conscience/conviction just for ignominy to become my bedfellow.

I keep hearing; “… if JM wins he will not give you any post ooo …”. My answer; “I want my post to be divinely given so my name is written in the Book of Life and not the Book of men – especially when the Book does not look attractive to me in so many ways”.

“They are not of this world just as I am not of this world” (John: 17:16). I am in this world but I am not of this world so I will do whatever my Lord (not man) leads me to do so I lay my treasures up in heaven and not “… here on earth where moths eats them up and rust destroys them…” (Mathew 6:19).

The political season is lightening up and I am very sure we shall have very interesting discussions (not insults), as the days waft sturdily across this time and space of the earth realm.

Parliament, which is the Home of the thoughts of Ghanaians when it comes to aspects of our governance structure, has passed the Bill; if the Executive likes, it can choose not to sign – there will be repercussions.

I am no clairvoyant and have no power to determine the way the December 7th pendulum swings but I have the power to determine the direction in which my mindset swings as regards the complexity of issues that inundate us on a minute-by-minute basis, and I believe that there shall be loud Divine Intervention in the affairs of Ghana in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

To all of us: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters” (Colossians 3:23).

Do I have a choice as to who should lead Ghana? Yes I do🙏🙏🙏

May God guide us and grant us wisdom to live for His Kingdom and not for ourselves.

My ultimate allegiance is to my God and my beloved Motherland, the Republic of Ghana 🇬🇭.


Samuel Koku Anyidoho.
(Founder & CEO, Atta-Mills Institute, Ghanaian Nationalist, Politician & Theologian).

Email: Sitsoanyidoho1@yahoo.com

Wednesday, March 20, 2024.

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