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Bawumia’s campaigners haven’t learned any lesson from what happened to John Boadu

One of the many laughable claims opponents of Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten, especially, Bawumia's campaigners are making in their shallow propaganda communications is that New Patriotic Party (NPP)'s stalwarts in Ashanti Region did not attend Alan

Celebrating the Australia-Ghana partnership on Australia Day

Australia Day, marked on 26 January every year, is an occasion to celebrate contemporary Australia and its people, reflect on what it means to be Australian, and acknowledge our history. It was on 26 January

Sammy Darko writes: Crossing the marriage carpet, there is more

When a Muslim marries under Part Three of the Marriages Act (what many people know as a wedding or ordinance), it means exactly what it means. It means that the Muslim man has crossed the

Elizabeth Ohene writes: Change of name

A favourite friend of mine keeps asking why I did not take my husband’s name. Whilst there is no deep reason except that I like the name I grew up with, the persistent question leads

Why do Ghanaians do so great as individuals, but flunk as a corporate? My Theory

It’s about bringing all we have to the table as a collective. Somehow we’re missing out on that. Are we simply incapable of working together? Do we prefer flying solo? Then We are doomed. So

John Mahama Writes: Akufo-Addo putting pressure on anti-corruption institutions

It is unacceptable that President Nana Akufo-Addo has consistently put pressure on state anti-corruption institutions by announcing clearance of appointees and companies that are under investigation for wrongdoing. That penchant by the president to absolve

Ablakwa writes: 20 forecasts for 2023

Happy New Year Folks, Here are my forecasts for 2023: 1) Former President John Mahama will emerge victorious from the 2023 NDC Flagbearer Primaries with more than 95% of valid votes cast; 2) Former President

The Power of Student Politics: How Participation in Tertiary School Politics Can Benefit Students and the School Community

''Politics has always had the power to do good, but when evil men decide to use it to advance causes that are not profitable for the people they claim they represent, then that is where

Prof. Kwesi Yankah writes: Giving me a haircut in my absence

Since last week, I have been so excited heading towards Christmas in a somewhat happy mood. A cedi in coma has jumped to its feet, to earn some respect from a bullying dollar. Plantain and

Togbe Afede writes: Economic crisis, self-inflicted

About six weeks ago I was in New York, and for the first time in almost three decades, I struggled to sell the economic credentials of my country. When we were approaching the runway at Kotoka


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