Committee investigating Anto-Aboso quarry explosion asks for more time

Committee investigating Anto-Aboso quarry explosion asks for more time

The ad-hoc committee tasked to investigate the Anto-Aboso quarry explosion has reportedly asked for a week extension to complete its work and present its report after failing to do so within a 3-week period.

The nine-member investigative committee was set up by the Western Regional Coordinating Council to investigate the September 9, 2023 quarry explosives disaster in the Kobina-Andoh-Anto-Aboso area of the Shama District.

Established on September 11, 2023, the investigative committee was tasked to probe the cause of the explosives disaster at the Chinese-owned STA Addsams (OMNI) quarry site that killed six people, their permitting status, and make recommendations to prevent the recurrence of such incidents in the future.

The Committee, formed by the Western Regional Cordinating Council, was chaired by the Regional Cordinating Director.

Other members of the committee includes the Minerals Commission, Ghana National Fire Service, Ghana Police Service, Ghana Health Service, Environmental Protection Agency, NADMO Shama, Works Engineer Shama, and the Assembly Member for the affected area.

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