Finance Ministry urges Akufo-Addo against assenting Anti-gay Bill into law

Finance Ministry urges Akufo-Addo against assenting Anti-gay Bill into law

The Ministry of Finance has urged President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo not to sign the Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill, commonly called the anti-gay bill into law.

According to the Finance Ministry, assenting to the controversial bill could lead to severe repercussions on the country’s financial support from international organisations.

Highlighting some of the financial consequences, the Ministry said the First Ghana Resilient Recovery Development Policy Operation (Budget Support), awaiting Parliamentary approval, might not be disbursed if President Akufo-Addo assents to the anti-gay bill.

Furthermore, continuing discussions on the Second Ghana Resilient Recovery Development Policy Operation (Budget Support) worth US$300 million might be halted.

The Ministry underlined that these potential consequences might result in a large loss of financial resources, creating a financing shortfall in the 2024 budget.

To overcome these problems, the Ministry urged the President to meet with religious leaders to discuss the ramifications of signing the bill and to form a strong coalition and framework to support major development efforts.

“The Presidency may have a structured engagement with local conservative forces such as religious bodies and faith-based organisations to communicate the economic implications of the passage of the ‘Anti-LGBTQ’ Bill,” the Finance Ministry said “to build a stronger coalition and a framework for supporting key development initiative that is likely to be affected.”

“The President may have to defer assenting to the Bill until the court rules on the legal issues tabled by key national stakeholders (CSOs and CHRAJ).”

Click here to read the Finance Ministry’s full statement

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