Five EC officials interdicted over missing BVDs

Five EC officials interdicted over missing BVDs

A group of five Electoral Commission (EC) officials have been placed under arrest for allegedly stealing certain Biometric Verification Devices (BVDs).

Police will now be conducting more investigations on the suspects.

This information was made public by the EC’s Director of Electoral Services, Dr. Serebour Quaicoe, during a case update regarding the lost devices.

He emphasized that handing over the suspects to the police is an essential first step in facilitating thorough investigations into the tragedy.

Dr. Quaicoe reiterated the Commission’s commitment to seeing that justice is served and that those who take property from the state be held accountable.

“What I can say on authority is that we lost one BVD in North Tongu and what happened was that we normally package these things in ballot boxes. You put your systems and you seal. In the course of transporting, we got there, they couldn’t transport the ballot boxes.”

“So we reported to the police. We have lost this and these are the suspects so investigate and let them go through the legal regime.

“Whatever has to be done should be done. They have been interdicted they are now going through the investigations. So, the police I am told that they will be arraigned before court soon,” he explained.

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