Guru Announces UG SRC President Bid

Guru Announces UG SRC President Bid

Popular Ghanaian hiplife and hiphop artiste, Guru NKZ, has declared his intention to contest for president of University of Ghana’s Student Representative Council (SRC) elections 2024/2025.

Guru, who is known for his contemporary hiplife rap style that combines English and Ghanaian languages, is currently studying at the University of Ghana to bag an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Information Studies after several years of making music.

Guru’s breakthrough was in 2011 when his hit song, ‘Lapaz Toyota’, appeared on the Ghanaian music charts.

The rapper, who is one of the most successful hiplife artistes in Ghana today, is also a fashion designer.

His songs venture new ground in the Ghanaian music scene, mixing hip hop, Afrobeats, highlife and dancehall sounds.

Disclosing his political ambition, Guru said he wants to become the SRC President to address some key challenges facing the university.

According to him, the establishment of a Legon television, provision of more buses for students on campus and the introduction of some recreational activities to ease stress and pressure amongst students are some of his initiatives if he becomes the SRC President.

“I’m currently studying Political Science and Information Studies at the University of Ghana, and I’m in my third year. I want to start there because I have seen the happenings and the kind of leader that people want.

“I’m looking forward to bringing Legon TV; students are tired of the radio station. We should have a Legon TV, the buses on campus are very few, we need to add more,” he stated.

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