Hold duty-bearers accountable — Hunger Project urges media

Hold duty-bearers accountable — Hunger Project urges media

The Hunger Project Ghana has organized a day capacity-building workshop for selected media practitioners in the Eastern Region in Koforidua, the Regional capital with the aim of strengthening sub-district institutions for community-led public services in Ghana.

The workshop empowered media practitioners to hold duty-bearers at the local level accountable and also to champion for quality development at the sub-district level.

The training also encouraged and enforce media practitioners and media houses to improve upon education and information of community members of their rights and responsibilities at the local level.

The media practitioners were also taken through the decentralization process especially on the preparation of the medium-term development plans and how to improve social accountability at the assembly level.

The Country Director of the Hunger Project Ghana, Samuel Erasmus Afranie, noted that if media practitioners are able to hold duty-bearers at the district assembly level accountable and the district assemblies are working efficiently and effectively, the work load on the central government will be lessened.

He noted that engagements with the media during workshops for the past years have been one of the best things that the Hunger Project Ghana has done.

In an interview with the consultant of the Hunger Project Ghana, Eric Banye, he mentioned that it is only the media that provide the link between duty-bearers and the communities thereby bringing issues of the communities to the assemblies as well as sending issues from the assemblies to the communities.

He urged the media institutions and media practitioners to develop programmes that will ensure that development is participatory.

The Director in Charge of Partnership-building and Resource Management of the Hunger Project Ghana, Isaac Olesu-Adjei noted that the media has a critical role to play when it comes to transparency and accountability of duty-bearers hence the need for the workshop.

He noted that the media has championed and helped to bring a lot of development change and difference in society and the Hunger Project will always count on the media to ensure good governance in the country.

The Project Officer of the Hunger Project Ghana, Solomon Amoakwa, noted that the Hunger Project Ghana for the past years has partnered communities to initiate development projects for various communities in the country.

By: Kofi Adjei  | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana

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