Residents of ‘Borla Road’ hit streets to protest over deplorable road

Residents of ‘Borla Road’ hit streets to protest over deplorable road

Some residents of Borla, a suburb of Malam in the Weija Gbawe Municipality have expressed disappointment in the horrible nature of their road and are demanding an immediate fix of the road.

The nature of the road has negatively impacted business operations in the community, leaving business owners in a state of despair as they continue to record low sales.

Those who have suffered significantly are roadside eatery operators who say people have abandoned patronage for fear of health implications.

Traders are faced with constant cleaning of their wares that get dusty to attract but a few customers.

For over two decades, the road has remained in a deplorable state only witnessing a facelift just when elections are drawing near. During political seasons, authorities in their bid to have the votes of these residents pretend to be constructing the road only to abandon it immediately after the elections.

Some displeased residents spoke to Metro News bemoaning the effects of the poor roads on the local economy.

For these residents, their involvement in political and electoral events has become meaningless, and they have therefore resolved not to take part in subsequent activities.

Although authorities have once again shown an attempt to give the road a face-lift, these residents say they are resolved to boycott all political events and barre politicians from campaigning in the area until the road is properly constructed.

To firmly exhibit their displeasure, these residents took to the streets to demonstrate against successive governments.

Meanwhile, Metro News has gathered that the NDC parliamentary candidate for the Weija Gbawe Constituency Felix Akwetey has been picked up by the National Investigations Bureau (NIB).

Information available to Metro News suggests that the candidate who was picked up from his residence is being accused by the NIB of masterminding the demonstration staged by the residents.

By: Akwasi Addo | | Ghana

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