CAC-Gh refutes reports of allying with a political party

CAC-Gh refutes reports of allying with a political party

Anti-corruption organization Crusaders Against Corruption-Ghana (CAC-Gh) has distanced itself from any speculation regarding an alliance with a political party or recent coalitions.

CAC-Gh in a press statement to explained that despite attending meetings and participating in discussions with various political parties and coalitions, it has not yet engaged with any political party, presidential candidate, or movement that shares its commitment to fighting corruption, to the extent of accepting to join them.

The organization has assured the public that it will communicate any such engagement to the public and its members across the country as soon as it happens, maintaining that CAC-Gh operates with a structured approach, and any decision to engage with a political party or movement would require the full approval of its Board Members, led by Chairperson Bishop Dr. Suzanne Nti.

“We are assuring the general public that as and when such is done, we shall communicate same to the general public and particularly our members across the country.”

“Importantly, let it be noted that CAC-Gh. works with structures and a decision of such, would need the full approval of the Board Members as led by our Chairperson Bishop Dr. Suzanne Nti”

CAC-Gh has reassured Ghanaians of its commitment to fighting corruption and promoting good governance in the country, adding that at the launch of the Alliance for Revolutionary Change on April 17, 2024, it proposed the establishment of a Corruption Audit Authority, which it believes is crucial in the fight against corruption.

The organization has also expressed its willingness to work with any individual, organization, or political party that shares its principles and approach to fighting corruption.

“CAC-Gh honoured an invitation for a launch of an alliance dated 17.04.2024. As courtesy demanded, during the delivery of solidarity messages, we made a very important proposal, being the need for Ghana to set up a CORRUPTION AUDIT AUTHORITY, and further indicated that we will be willing to work with any individual, organisation, movement, political party etc., that commits to our principles and approach in fighting corruption in Ghana”

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By: Bright Yao Dzakah | | Ghana

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