FDA engage stakeholders on Med Safety App

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), the consortium’s lead institution for Work Package 4 (WP4), held an internal stakeholder meeting on Tuesday to get input from participants on the Med Safety App’s weak acceptance and to get some concrete suggestions on how to improve it.

This engagement, which included participants from different FDA departments and divisions, had the goal of increasing Ghanaians’ use of the App.

The FDA is notified of any unintended consequences (side effects) of medications, vaccinations, and other pharmaceuticals through this app.

Seth Seaneke, the Deputy Chief Executive for Health Products and Technologies, emphasized the necessity of the App for healthcare intervention to support pharmacovigilance in Ghana in a speech that was read on his behalf.

He claims that the App’s advantages include making it simple to report adverse reactions, receiving an immediate response when one is reported, and allowing users to make their own watch lists for particular medicines they are interested in.

He said that the app is accessible even while offline and offers constant news updates.

The FDA has significant experience keeping an eye on the security of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and other medical supplies.

The Authority has effectively managed the rollout of new vaccines like the measles/rubella vaccine, the pneumococcal/rotavirus vaccine, and the ongoing malaria vaccine pilot implementation program, which has been in place for almost two years with no significant safety issues.

The FDA maintains a Safety Monitoring Department that serves as a training center for regulators from other African nations as a Regional Centre of Regulatory Excellence (RCORE).

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