Metro Business Week recognized for exceptional contribution to the nation’s development

The Institute of Certified Business Analysts and Consultants (ICBAC) has recognized Metro Business Week, a Ghanaian business program which airs on Metro TV, for its exceptional contribution to the nation’s development.

The founder of ICBAC, Mr. Emmanuel Osei Asiamah, presented a citation to the program’s host, Winston Tackie, at a recent event.

“Metro TV is noted for presenting the most comprehensive and credible Political, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Health and General News in Ghana. Among this broad programme spectrum, the “Metro Business Week” programme has caught the interest of the leadership of the Institute of Certified Business Analysis & Consultants [ICBAC].

“Metro Business Week” has assumed a platform where we have monitored some interesting dynamics of environmental factors and reactions of businesses to these factors dynamism. “Metro Business Week” engagement of industry players in Business issues has been very educative, insightful, and a valuable source of information for players in both the informal and formal Business environments to refine their strategies.

“This among other important industry-related topics presented on the programme puts the station and programme in a unique position that must attract corporate leaders to take a keen interest in it as a valuable source of information. This award is therefore in recognition of the quality of the “Metro Business Week” programme as a highly essential source of business trends and information for strategy review consideration. This recognition is hoped will motivate the leadership of Metro TV and “Metro Business Week” to step onto a higher stage of becoming the most influential business programme in the country,” the citation read.

ICBAC is a legally registered and recognized professional body in Ghana.

Founded in 2014, ICBAC offers professional training for aspiring Professional Business Analysts. ICBAC exists to help individuals and organizations achieve continuous success by fostering a culture of initiative, learning, and the application of practical knowledge.

Metro Business Week airs on Metro TV and DSTV channel 277 at 7:00 PM GMT on Mondays and Fridays.

Significance of the Award

The recognition of Metro Business Week by ICBAC is a significant achievement. It is a testament to the program’s commitment to providing high-quality information and analysis on business trends and issues.

The award is also a recognition of the program’s impact on the Ghanaian business community. Metro Business Week has helped to educate and inform businesses of all sizes, and has played a role in promoting economic growth and development in Ghana.


The recognition of Metro Business Week by ICBAC is a well-deserved honor. The program has made a significant contribution to the Ghanaian business community and has helped to promote economic growth and development in the country.

By: Winston Tackie | | Ghana

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