Ghana’s Digitisation Drive Gets Global Recognition

Ghana’s Digitisation Drive Gets Global Recognition

The New African Magazine, the leading Pan-African publication, has highlighted Ghana’s impressive achievements in digitising its economy and society. In its most recent issue, the magazine praised Ghana’s vision and leadership in using technology to improve the lives and livelihoods of its citizens, as well as to combat corruption and enhance transparency.

The magazine cited various examples of Ghana’s digitisation initiatives, such as the National Identification System, the Digital Address System, the Mobile Money Interoperability Platform, the Universal QR Code Payment System, and the Ghana Card. These initiatives have enabled Ghanaians to access a range of public and private services, such as banking, health care, education, and social protection, in a convenient, secure, and affordable manner.

The magazine also noted that Ghana’s digitisation drive has contributed to reducing corruption and increasing accountability in the public sector, by eliminating middlemen, reducing human errors, and increasing data availability. The magazine quoted President Nana Akufo-Addo, who said that digitisation is “the most effective weapon in the fight against corruption”.

The magazine concluded by commending Ghana for being a role model for other African countries in embracing the digital revolution and transforming its economy and society for the better.

Source: Kofi Otuo Bekoe

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