I Had No Feud With Daddy Lumba – Nana Acheampong

I Had No Feud With Daddy Lumba – Nana Acheampong

Legendary Highlife musician, Nana Acheampong, has set the records straight regarding the perceived animosity between himself and fellow musician Daddy Lumba, debunking the notion of any lingering feud.

In an interview with Accra FM, Nana Acheampong clarified that despite the perception created by some of their songs, there was never any genuine ill will between them.

He emphasized that their tracks, often interpreted as diss songs, were simply meant to entertain their fans.
“In my opinion, those songs were not made about me. I don’t consider them as targeted at me and vice-versa. These were just songs to entertain our fans. I have no beef song,” he indicated.

The duo, known as the Lumba Brothers, initially formed a music group in the late 80s after meeting in Germany.

However, they eventually pursued solo careers, leading to speculation about the reasons behind their split.

Contrary to popular belief, Nana Acheampong emphasized that their separation was amicable, with no underlying issues of money or personal differences. “People thought it was money or women,” he explained.

He clarified, “The fans were hurt because they had admired us as a duo of young talented music performers and breaking up, for them, was a signal that something big had caused it.”

Acknowledging the rivalry that emerged among fans following their split, Nana Acheampong likened it to the intense competition between football teams Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko.

He stressed, however, that there was no genuine animosity between himself and Daddy Lumba.

Nana Acheampong concluded the interview by shedding light on his recent collaboration with Fameye on the song ‘Ye Wo Nyame’ (We Have God), signalling a continuation of his musical journey with fresh collaborations and projects

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