Man tattoos marriage certificate on his arm as Valentine ’s Day present for wife

A Thai man surprised his wife by tattooing their marriage certificate on his forearm as a Valentine’s Day present.

A tattoo parlor in Kaeng Khoi, Central Thailand’s Saraburi province recently shared a photo of one of their latest projects, a lifesize copy of a marriage certificate tattooed on a person’s forearm.

Apparently, the client wanted to surprise his wife with unique proof of his love for her, so he asked the tattoo artists to permanently ink his official marriage certificate on his arm.

Instead of getting his wife flowers and a box of chocolates like he usually did, 34-year-old Mr. Vall decided to surprise his wife of 8 years with a truly special present – a permanent copy of their marriage certificate, complete with a floral frame and the stamp mark inked on his body.

Vall spent 8 hours in the tattooing chair, but he claims it was all worth it to make his beloved wife happy. His wife was apparently a bit shocked by his present, but she accepted it as proof of his love and respect.

“This tattoo is like a reminder to me. Whenever we fight or have a disagreement, I will look to it to remember the days when we were both still passionate and crazy in love with each other, and lower my personal ego, endure everything so that our family remains happy and raises successful children,” Mr. Vall said.

Photos of the unusual tattoo went viral on Facebook this week, attracting loads of positive comments praising the man’s love for his wife.

“This is what is called ‘actions speak louder than words’, this proof of love deserves a round of applause,” one person wrote.

“With such deep love, I hope their happiness will last forever,” someone else commented.

Source: Oddity Central

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