We need another tracker to track this tracker – NDC’s Akua Avle mocks govt

We need another tracker to track this tracker – NDC’s Akua Avle mocks govt

“We need another performance tracker to track this performance tracker, the tracker needs to be tracked because the tracker seems to have picked people’s items mistakenly or intentionally and so, we are tracking it. The tracker says that the government has desilted the Korle lagoon in 2022, meanwhile, the assembly members told Joy FM that there’s no lagoon that has been desilted,” says Nana Akua Avle, a National Communications team member of the National Democratic Congress.

Speaking on Good Morning Ghana on Metro TV, the communicator of the opposition NDC expressed skepticism regarding the Performance tracker. She has pointed out that the tracker includes irrelevant projects and projects that were not overseen by the government.

Nana Akua Avle also explained that it is unpardonable on the government’s part to lay claims to projects done by other administrations.

“If you claim to have brought the performance tracker at least we should see one or two normal mistakes but if it is sixty-seven, it is not normal, it is not a good record, if you are trying to portray to us what you have done and you can actually collect sixty-seven things that you have not done and add to what you have done, is that not lies? You can’t do that,” She said.

Introduced by the government on Wednesday, April 10, the Performance Tracker aims to enhance transparency and accountability in infrastructure projects nationwide.

The government says the tracker will address longstanding concerns about the accuracy and reliability of project presentations, especially concerning the use of artist’s impressions to depict outcomes.

The tracker currently features over 13,000 projects nationwide.

By: Vanessa Edotom Boateng | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana

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