“Nature Schemed For President Atta-Mills To Give Way For John Mahama To Become President”: Has Samuel Atta-Mills Become Deaf & Dumb?

“Nature Schemed For President Atta-Mills To Give Way For John Mahama To Become President”: Has Samuel Atta-Mills Become Deaf & Dumb?

“I will praise my Maker while I have breath” and I continue to pray for fellow human beings who for whatever reasons, are unable to hear and speak.

Why? Why? Why should I stop praising God my Maker when He knows how to make things beautiful in His own divine time?

For the past 12 years since my political father/friend/mentor/confidant/counselor, was “schemed by nature” (according to the Church (?) Street mafia), for him to excruciatingly “give way” for the “not prepared” John Mahama to become President of our beloved Motherland Ghana , I, Samuel Koku Sitsofe Anyidoho, have suffered severe torture from all kinds of evil forces because they see me as someone who continues to sting  their despicable desires because I continue to resist being recruited to be part of any satanic industry to undermine my late boss.

As it stands; “Anyi” The first leg of my my surname means, “bees ” in Ewe, so I am a bee  that stings – I shall continue to sting the evil desires of those who murdered.

Let Samuel Atta-Mills dare and see how he will be stung by bees  .

I am honestly up to my brow with the foolishness/betrayal of Samuel Atta-Mills.

For 12 years ( President Atta-Mills “gave way” on Tuesday, July 24, 2012), and since I lost my political father, the evil forces’ agenda to bury me alive has never been in doubt – with Samuel Atta-Mills being a key actor in the evil conspiracy.

Any attempt of mine to keep the legacy/name of John Evans Atta-Mills alive, has been met with heavy hellfire-baked resistance.

As it is, one of the key perverted souls in the anti-Koku agenda, has been, Samuel Atta-Mills, younger brother of the late President, and sitting NDC Member of Parliament for Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abirim (KEEA) Constituency.

Samuel Atta-Mills, who was an American citizen and NEVER showed up at any point in time in Ghana when his brother was in the throes of the 2008 campaign, found himself in Ghana  after victory, and today, speaks as if he created his brother’s Presidency.

I repeat; where the heck was Samuel Atta-Mills when his brother was being supported by people like me out of sincere love and allegiance for him to become President of Ghana ?

A member of the Republican Party in the United States, Samuel Atta-Mills never believed in the political philosophy of his brother till he allowed himself to enjoy the “scheming nature” that allowed his brother to “give way”.

I say from what I know that, Samuel Atta-Mills was a Republican in the United States and holds no allegiance to the, Social Democratic philosophy of the NDC.

With no love for what his brother stood for, and with no evidence to support his desire to keep the legacy of his brother alive, Samuel Atta-Mills continues to be a pliant tool in the hands of those who “schemed with nature” for his brother to “give way”.

This Samuel Atta-Mills, who had no official office nor role at the Castle, and remained a loafer who just could not accept the inseparable bond between myself and his brother, has just continued to be envious of what I stand up to/for when it comes to keeping his brother’s legacy alive.

Did anyone ever hear Samuel Atta-Mills speak to get Asomdwe-Park built?

A wicked brother who was recruited to help kill the memory of his brother so that he can get a seat in parliament?


At the height of his paid deep hatred for me only because his brother loved me dearly, Samuel Atta-Mills allowed his envious soul to be joined to the equally envious soul of Nii Lantey Vanderpuje, to hold a sin-filled press conference to lie that I had dug up the grave of the late President Atta-Mills and stolen his mortal remains.

I ask; what has Samuel Atta-Mills ever said in the public sphere to eulogize his late brother?

As an MP, has Samuel Atta-Mills ever celebrated his brother?

Samuel Atta-Mills never cried for Asomdwe Park to be built; and continues to be used by his evil forces to berate Koku Anyidoho for begging President Akufo-Addo to build Asomdwe Park.

Has Samuel Atta-Mills not heard how his brother was made to “give wa” by the Church Street mafia?

Samuel Atta-Mills; a Trojan Horse  who is holding on to the enormous enemies of his brother, has been badly exposed that’s why he has gone stupidly quiet when his paymasters have said openly that they “schemed with nature” for his brother to “give way”.

Samuel Atta-Mills dare not allow his gross idiocy to attack me again because if does so, I will expose him beyond his control.

He is a wicked/evil brother who was recruited against his brother the President.

If Samuel Atta-Mills did not allow himself to be part of the “schemed nature” for his brother to “give way”, why has he become deaf and dumb ever since Kwesi Awhoi said what he said?

Samuel Atta-Mills has questions to answer and he shall not escape the questions of God.

I am going to ask more questions so let them know that all their plots to send people to kill me shall NOT work in the mighty name of Jesus.

It is a very unacceptable and disgusting that Samuel Atta-Mills cannot step-up and take-on the Church Street mafia: Samuel Atta-Mills is a nothing but a sellout who hates Koku because I keep his brother’s legacy alive.

Samuel Atta-Mills, if you really love your brother, speak up against those who are gloating in the death of your brother: till then, if you ever dare me again, I will tell a certain story of …

I will continue to keep the legacy of President Atta-Mills alive: and I do not expect Samuel Atta-Mills to support me because he is a traitor and I distance myself from him when it comes to keeping the legacy of President Atta-Mills alive.

Samuel Atta-Mills is a traitor and he will be exposed very soon because he cannot continue to pretend to love his late brother when he did not love his late brother.

By: Samuel Koku Sitsofe Anyidoho

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